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Earth quakes, essential for life

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1 Earth quakes, essential for life on Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:29 am


Earth quakes, essential for life

tectonic activity is critically necessary in order to support life on a planet. The movement of the tectonic plates allows for recycling of nutrients vital for sustaining life. Not only this, but water also plays an interesting role in this system as well. Water lubricates faults in order to minimize the size of earthquakes. But here’s the kicker; too much water is not good either. We need to have just the right amount. Research has allowed us to see that too much water actually lubricates the faults too much resulting in more numerous, albeit somewhat smaller earthquakes.

As bad as the effects of earthquakes are and the devastation they cause, they are critical for life. Earthquakes cause many deaths all over the world every year, but without them no one would be alive.

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