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Where did the water on planet earth come from ?

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The question that Mojzsis’s discovery led to was where did the water come from at such an early point in the Earth’s history? "Early volcanic activity may have erupted huge amounts of steam into the atmosphere but some scientists argue that there would have been too little time for the oceans to have formed in this way. Some scientists believe that much of the Earth’s water came from outer space. According to Bill Hartmann, "We all hear about the impact 65 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs and you’re getting that kind of impact about once a month on the early Earth. But this rain of debris left over from the formation of the solar system continues for several million years." Comets contain dust and frozen water vapour left over from the birth of the solar system. Like giant dirty snowballs roughly half their mass is water." and 13 seconds long. One scientist has even proposed that all water came from outer space but, so far, he has failed to find evidence to support his theory. "One of Nasa’s top comet experts, Michael Mumma, believes that comets could be source of water in our oceans." It is not known how much water came from outer space.

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