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Magnetoreception, evidence of design

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1 Magnetoreception, evidence of design on Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:38 pm


Magnetoreception, evidence of design

The research can be “maddeningly difficult,” as one writer put it. But that does not mean the scientists are slowing down. As one scientist explained: “[Magnetoreception] is a huge mystery. That’s what makes this such an exciting field. We simply don’t know how they do this, so it’s wide open to discovery.”

It is also another example of the failure of evolutionary theory. Not only is there no scientific explanation for how such magneto reception, processing and decision-making could evolve, but the entire idea runs counter to evolution. Fifty years ago evolutionists ridiculed the idea that animals could detect such weak signals and use them in a sort of geographic information service. Now they claim it is all a result of blind evolution. As one evolutionist explained regarding the loggerhead turtles, “We think different areas along the migratory pathway are marked by unique magnetic signatures, and the turtles have evolved responses that are coupled to these signatures.” They think that not because the turtle’s magnetoreception appears to be a product of evolution, or that they have anything close to a scientific explanation for how it could have evolved. They think that because they believe evolution is true.

The internal navigation map seems the most difficult feature to explain by gradual neo-Darwinian evolution. How could it evolve by
trial-and-error? How many pied flycatchers
perished crossing the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, or the central
Sahara over how many millennia before a lucky pair emerged with an
internal map that allowed them to migrate safely around these
obstacles—and passed this trait on to their offspring? How did the
species even survive this process? And how many swallows died—unable to
fly south for the winter and return north for the summer—until, finally,
one fortunate pair evolved an internal magnetic map that returned them
to Capistrano every March 19? Building such a map seems an incredibly
complex process with an incalculable number of variables and a
vanishingly low probability verging on the impossible.

All this illustrates the problem with the evolutionary model. The first step is spontaneous evolution of a magnetoreception system, but that
alone is not sufficient. Migratory animals must also evolve a magnetic
“map” to and from the correct destinations, preprogrammed into the
brain, apparently from birth. And as a final step, they must also evolve
some kind of a seasonal trigger to tell them when to migrate. All this
seems totally improbable—impossible even—within any reasonable
evolutionary timeframe. To the contrary, well-designed, preprogrammed
magnetoreception systems seem much more probable within a creation

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