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The difference between a snowflake and a DNA segment

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The difference between a snowflake and a DNA segment that encodes protein is that snowflakes are basically made out of repetitive molecular structures with translational symmetry and is non-sequence specific, meaning that the order of the atoms of a given crystal is irrelevant and unimportant. Unlike crystals and snowflakes, the building units of DNA are vastly non-repetitive and follow a very precise sequential order like that of English sentences (the nucleotides and more specific the amino acids). Unlike sand dunes where you can change the order of sand grains and have no effect to the overall structure, changing the sequence order of DNA is critical to biological function. Self organization and law of physics are great at self assembling crystals, but what they cannot do is assemble the nucleotides/amino acids to the right highly specified and precise sequences given that laws of physics lack the ability to non-repetitively and non-randomly assemble the molecules.

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