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The best payed job for a special task

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1 The best payed job for a special task on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:15 pm


The best-payed job for a special task

Imagine that a world famous company would announce the vacancy for several jobs in one of the most notorious and known top manager headhunter magazines. The candidates would have to have a lot of talent and have studied at the most prestigious universities, and the salary would be exceptional. Initial salary 150 thousand dollars per month for each talent hiring. Then professionals  would make an appointment, and visit the  human resources department of the company, and the director would receive them and give  the best treatment and attention, and tell  that the job requirements would be for people with  doctorate and postgraduate degrees in several areas, to carry out the following disciplines and tasks:

working as general manager CEO
know  12 languages fluently, and know how to write in Roman alphabet, Japanese kanji, and Chinese, Korean, and Greek.
Know the most advanced computer programming language, at least ten of them
have a doctorate in linguistics
Have a diploma in translation of various languages
Be a specialist in computer sciences in several areas,
doctorate in physics and chemistry,
electronics engineer
be a robotic engineer and having software programming experience of robots
packaging engineer
mechanical engineer, assembly and fabrication of complex machines, and
engineer in power generation, and
traffic coordinator,
assembly line coordinator and organizer
design engineer and installation of communication systems
organizational engineer, warehouse storage management of materials and products, and
engineer in quality control, and
recycling, and implementation of waste disposal systems.
Security Systems Engineer
engineer for implementation of Implosion methodologies of factories in a controlled manner

So someone of the candidates asked: Sir, please tell us,  what would be the task for the job in your company, demanding all these disciplines and all this knowledge?

The RH guy would reply:

We need a team to develop the construction of 50 factories in 50 countries, each with different output capacities and product manufacturing, each with the following requirements of implementation : 

- invention and installation of software, more versatile than any program ever invented, and more robust and error-free than any other code system among 1 million alternatives - using a communication protocol that wastes much less space from anyone invented previously
- development of the smallest hard disk, smaller than ever invented before,  to install the software
- then use this software to program the complex instructions for manufacturing a self-replicating factory. We estimate that you will need to work out the amount of information that fits into about 1500 books, each with 300 pages, 300,000 characters per book, each containing the complex instructions needed to create this factory. That's the minimal requirement. 
 - develop sophisticated machines and production systems and assembly lines with high robustness, flexibility and efficiency capable of running at least 1500 processes in parallel. Raw materials will have to be transformed into final products in a series of operations. The system should only produce in response to actual demand, not in anticipation of expected demand, as a result of overproduction.
- The system will also have to know how to use quality management techniques, and able to prevent defects at various stages of its process, using inspection processes and thus guaranteeing almost 100% quality, and reducing manufacturing errors from 10 billion to only 1 error per production cycle, eliminating all others.
- The ability to recycle worn machines. The ability to quickly build a new production line, as needed, 100% automated. The system can not wait until some machine fails, but it has to be able to replace it long before it has a chance to break. And, secondly, the program must be able to completely recycle the machine that is taken out of production. The components of this recycling process can also be used to create different production machines. A new capacity must be able to be installed quickly to meet new demands, also autonomously. At the same time, there can be no inactive machines taking up space or building up important building blocks. Maintenance is a positive "side effect" of the continuous machine renovation process.
- The system needs to be simplified to the maximum.
- several compartments will have to be installed in the factory, and complex communication systems that govern basic activities and coordinate several actions at the same time. Complex signaling networks will have to be installed.
- construction and installation of the factory building and walls that make the separation of the interior from the factory for protection and with gates that allow entry and exit of load, recognition mechanisms that allow only the right load, and take it to the correct specific places and lines and cargo carriers that have brands that recognize where to discard the cargo where it is needed, clean up the trash, and have recycling bins, warehousing departments,
- Implementation of an energy production system, and systems capable of moving energy to where it is needed, and finally
- the factory has to be able to self-replicate.

Now imagine, after the first candidates,  a group of uneducated, illiterate people without barely able to read their own name, would appear in the RH office. The RH manager would immediately recognize that these guys are the false candidates, but, out of education,  would begin to explain the task, Johnny then says : Hey boss, the salary is amazing, and what I have to do, somehow, I and the other candidates here will get it right. One way or another, with a little more or less effort, we'll get there, isn't it? and what we do not know, we learn bit by bit !! Let's try a little bit here ..... a little bit there ..... with luck, what works, we keep. What does not work, we discard - we'll tinker here and there... now - hey,  the salary is great  ... give us the job, please !!

The moral of the story should be evident. The factory is living cells, which have the highly advanced production capabilities as described. It would take an entire team of the highest skilled and educated professionals to create such a factory. But there is a huge number of people, that are confident that an uneducated team of people that cannot even read and write, namely chance, are capable of the task by a lucky accident. Go figure....

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